The Flavors




Refined and balanced, either our cuisine can interpret the flavors of tradition by using, at the request of the bride and groom, local products for dishes of ancient taste, or our chefs can make gourmet and innovative proposals for the most demanding palates.

At L’Antico Casale dei Mascioni all the dishes are cooked-to-order, that guarantees a remarkable intensity experience.


Delicate and tasty, L’Antico Casale dei Mascioni pastry-making produces cakes and any kind of baked sweets of Italian, and in particular Neapolitan, tradition in addition to international kind of dessert.

Show cooking corners also compose our “buffet dei dolci”, where our patissiers during the banquet itself, prepare their specialties. All the senses are involved: scents, colors, shapes, flavors. Even the wedding cake, the “queen” of each wedding, is designed and decorated in accordance with the taste and the dreams of every married couple.