The village


Il borgo

Silvered olive trees, swaying poplars and secular oaks envelop, as in a cozy hug, all the Borgo with its picturesque views.

The Ancient House, the Rooms, the Park with Pool, the lookout of the angels, the terrace of the “sleeping goddess”.


The park can be considered the main source of pride of our venue: made up by many different plant species, flowers, trees from numerous regions of Italian country, it makes our guests feel in a locus amouenus, which in Latin means “pleasant place”, an idealized place of safety and comfort. The different colors, changing according to the seasons, enchant with shades of unparalleled beauty.

Wrought iron arches lined with jasmine with unmistakable perfume introduce the sinuous swimming pool that appears perfectly embedded in the Park.


The venue has many banqueting halls and lounges, which can all be used for your wedding, organizing a dynamic and itinerant event.


All the banqueting halls have several glass windows, which give light and allow you to continue enjoying the natural charm of the vegetation and breathtaking views while tasting delicious dishes in airy, comfortable, and secured environments.

THE “BELVEDERE DEGLI ANGELI”, angels’ viewpoint

From the Panoramic Viewpoint, the contact with nature is magical and persistent: an immense space set on the meadow, dominating the Volturno valley and its infinite shades of green colors.


Our venue can welcome in a great and magical way your guests in each season, giving different feelings and emotions depending on the period you choose. In spring and summer, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the park, taking a walk and discovering every single corner of our location. In autumn and winter, il casale welcomes you with intimacy and warmth.

The fire of fireplaces illuminates and warms environments with magical effects, especially during parties, when rich and refined settings create enchanting and sparkling atmospheres.


The “Casale” is the nucleus of our Borgo; the living rooms and the lounge areas are proof of nineteenth-century noble country houses. Among the ancient weaving frames, Liguori’s home collections elegantly arranged and the fine San Leucio silk embellish the furnishings. There is a perfect blend of relaxation and culture.


The large terrace features a cozy lounge bar overlooking another beauty of remarkable natural interest: the Taburno Massif. Its profile, seen from the ancient House, assumes the appearance of a supine woman with her head facing north to the Telesina Valley and her feet south to Caudina Valley.